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Remote Support

Internet Security

If your PC is on the Internet then you need to ensure you make it as secure as possible to prevent unwanted spyware, hacking and access to your personal files and details. You can protect yourself and your PC by ensuring that you have all the security patches for Windows installed and that your firewall is enabled which keeps intruders from sneaking into your computer and accessing private data.

We will advise you on the best type of protection to suite your needs whether it is a software Firewall on your system or a more advanced hardware Firewall.

If your PC is doing things out of your control then you may be infected with a virus or spyware. The problem may begin on a small scale, but if not treated it can get out of hand and is likely at best to bring your computer to a standstill. Worse still intruders could be hosting illegal websites from your PC without you knowing! No matter what type of PC you have, you need to protect it from malicious software. If you suspect you have any viruses, then  Contact us to remove them and advise on how to help protect you from further problems

Contact us for the best solution for you.

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